The economic crisis that affected Europe during the past few years has led to major reorganizations and strong costs reduction for the majority of the businesses in order for them to survive and remain competitive.

The common trend was to renegotiate freight rates and sometimes select another service provider offering cheaper transport solutions. Some have taken the option to shift from Air to Sea transportation and others have re-organized their transport needs using Deferred (road) services instead of Express (Air) services.

These decisions helped them to reduce significantly their transportation costs but how can they ensure that the current transport solution is still in line with the offer of the company and the requirements of the consumers or the market ?

On the other hand, because of the booming e-commerce industry, both Express companies and Postal services have developed their capacities and networks to enable the transport and delivery of parcels to private consumers. However, the market remains very competitive as although the demand is growing, consumers remain very reluctant to pay additional charges for the delivery on top of the price of the goods. It is very common to see nowadays e-commerce merchants offering free deliveries and free returns, how do they achieve this?


Next Terra International is a licensed international freight forwarding company located in France nearby Paris CDG airport, Transport and Logistics are our core competences and part of our DNA. Because of their background, working for integrators and a major European Post entity, the partners have an extensive industry experience and a large expertise in Express transport, Parcels, Logistics and Postal business.

Whatever your requirements and wherever your location, Documents or Parcels, Small, large or X-Large, Express or deferred, Air or Road, Commercial or Postal, Next Terra International is able to take the challenge.

Next Terra International has access to the best networks all over the world and especially in Europe. Next Terra International can organize your transportation needs from any location worldwide in the most optimized way.


> Intercontinental Transportation solutions
> Domestic/Regional/International Transport : Europe/Africa/Americas/Middle East/Asia
> Air charter solutions
> Freight forwarding
> Linehaul solutions
> Customs Clearance management (Express and Freight)
> Postal and Commercial network integration
> Air/road networks optimization
> Direct Injection Services
> B2C deliveries
> Sorting, packaging, labelling, storage services