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Traxis Customs

As a daughter company to Next Terra International, Traxis Customs has been able to quickly become a major player in the international supply chain by providing dedicated customs clearance solutions, targeting e-commerce companies, importing or exporting into/from Europe.

Traxis Customs can smartly clear e-commerce, express, freight & cargo, as well as transits, and have its own bonded facility at a very strategic location in Roissy-en-France.

Traxis Customs is a very active subsidiary of Next Terra International.

Global Logistics Network

Strategically committed to a successful partnership, Next Terra International and Global Logistics Network continue to work closely together, with common operation, and business activities.

Armed with a long experience in major European Post and integrators, Global Logistics Network have extensive knowledge of the logistics industry with specific expertise in Express transportation and Postal business.
Global Logistics Network has successfully invested with this knowledge, in order to reach optimal levels of service quality in the field of e-commerce.

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